Igor Burganov–Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Professor of International Academy of Architecture, painter, sculptor, architect, jeweler.

Igor Burganov belongs to those kinds of artists whose works are illuminated by light of life and embody all the positive and beautiful in man and his life. His work sare recognized in Russia and far beyond its borders. Artist's masterpiece can be seen in many big cities, museums and private collections. In the streets, during big cultural events and even in some exotic places.

Owners of the Igor Burganov’s works shows impeccable taste and belonging to a spiritual elite of society, which allows them to control the destinies of the world. It does not matter whether it is a secular lioness or political and spiritual leader with millions of followers around the world, all of them are Igor Burganov admirers.  

The artist's works combine a unique quality of craftsmanship and a power of a true creator, because he puts a piece of their soul into his every work.

Igor Burganov was born in 1973 in Moscow in the family of a famous artist Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov. So he is a successor of a dynasty of Russian artists.

The basic concept in the works of Igor Burganov is a "Blue Bird", which he made the basis ofhis art.  The image of the "Blue Bird" can be traced in the jewelry collection of artist as a symbol of all the positive and beautiful made by Igor Burganov.